Sign Up for the Fallen Brethren 3Gun Challenge

The registraontion process for the Fallen Brethren is straight forward.  There are 34 slots for ROs, 40 slots for sponsored shooters and 250 regular slots.  If you're a sponsored shooter, you'll want to contact your sponsor early about sponsoring this match.  Once the sponsored slots are gone, they're gone.  Please note that you are only considered a sponsored shooter if your sponsor has paid for your slot through sponsoring this match.  If your sponsor simply reimburses you for your match fees, please follow the registration process of a regular shooter.

Step 1:  Click HERE to go to Practiscore and register for the match.  Registration opens 1Mar16 at 9pm eastern (that's 8pm central).

Step 2:  You'll have 30 days to get your registration fee to the Match Director.  Registration is $295 for the match and $20 for a standard match T-shirt (see schedule below for special T's).

Make you check out to Spartan Tactical / FB3G and mail it to:

FB3G c/o Spartan Tactical
P.O. Box 1319
Keller, TX  76244

<p?Remember to order your T-Shirt from the menu item above and include the printed order form with your check."

Once the registrar has received your check, you'll be confirmed for the match and sent a link for self squadding. If, after 30 days, the registrar hasn't received your payment, you're name will be scratched and your slot will be returned to the waiting list.  If you have some special circumstance that you need help with, please feel free to reach out.


Step 1:  Register as normal above.

Step 2:  Contact your sponsor to make sure that they are sponsoring the match and you're in one of their slots.  If that's the case, send a letter/post card to the above address with your name and your sponsor's name and a brief statement saying that you're authorized to use their slot.  It's that easy.  Any questions?  Reach out via phone or email.  Contact Sandra Orvig, our sponsored shooter concierge.